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Holsters for S&W J Frame: Model 60 and 60LS -- 2.125"
From approximately 1996 to present, the new model 60 and 60 Lady Smith has been made with the longer 2.125" barrel. Old models from 1965 to around 1995 have a true 2" barrel, and can be ordered for the regular S&W J frame 2". You can confirm your barrel length by measuring like this.
Stretch Lace Holster
made by Lethal Lace in the USA
Universal Women's Concealed Carry Holster
Leather Holsters
made by Triple K Manufacturing in the USA
Life Saver Ankle Holster #176 - Life Saver Ankle Holster
Challenger Vertical Shoulder Holster #191 - Challenger Vertical Shoulder Holster
Skeleton Holster #246 - Skeleton Holster
Ultra Dual Shoulder Holster 3 Piece #274 - Ultra Dual Shoulder Holster 3 Piece
Ultra Holster #276 - Ultra Holster
Ultra Holster and Single Harness #275 & #276 - Ultra Single Shoulder Holster 2 Piece
Insider Holster #314 - Insider Holster
Secret Agent Holster #420 - Secret Agent Holster
Lightning Two-Way Holster #440 - Lightning Two-Way Holster
Nylon Holsters
made by Passport Sports in the USA
Ambidextrous Belt Holster Belt Holster - Ambidextrous
Inside the Pants Holster Inside the Pants - Holster with Belt Clip
AnkleHolster Ankle - Holster
Calf Holster Ankle - Holster with Calf Support Strap
Sidewinder Holster Sidewinder - Shoulder Holster
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