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Holsters for S&W J Frame: Model 60 and 60LS -- 2.125"
From approximately 1996 to present, the new model 60 and 60 Lady Smith has been made with the longer 2.125" barrel. Old models from 1965 to around 1995 have a true 2" barrel, and can be ordered for the regular S&W J frame 2". You can confirm your barrel length by measuring like this.
Leather Holsters
made by Triple K Manufacturing in the USA
Life Saver Ankle Holster #176 - Life Saver Ankle Holster
Challenger Vertical Shoulder Holster #191 - Challenger Vertical Shoulder Holster
Skeleton Holster #246 - Skeleton Holster
Ultra Dual Shoulder Holster 3 Piece #274 - Ultra Dual Shoulder Holster 3 Piece
Ultra Holster #276 - Ultra Holster
Ultra Holster and Single Harness #275 & #276 - Ultra Single Shoulder Holster 2 Piece
Insider Holster #314 - Insider Holster
Secret Agent Holster #420 - Secret Agent Holster
Lightning Two-Way Holster #440 - Lightning Two-Way Holster
Nylon Holsters
made by Passport Sports in the USA
Ambidextrous Belt Holster Belt Holster - Ambidextrous
Inside the Pants Holster Inside the Pants - Holster with Belt Clip
AnkleHolster Ankle - Holster
Calf Holster Ankle - Holster with Calf Support Strap
Sidewinder Holster Sidewinder - Shoulder Holster
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