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Long Guns

America's Gun Store, LLC is a Cimarron Firearms Premier Dealer specializing in lever action rifles and single action revolvers for discriminating shooters. We sell "New in the Box" firearms (unless otherwise indicated), so you can always be confident that you are getting a nice gun with box, papers, and a manufacturer's warranty. We have low overhead so we can offer you low prices. We will ship to your receiving dealer, or you can pick up the gun at our store. We also do firearm transfers at $25.00 per gun.

Shipping and Insurance to your receiving dealer is...
$20.00 for orders between $1.00 and $499.99
$25.00 for orders between $500.00 and $999.99
$30.00 for orders $1000.00 and over

(HI and AK may be extra.) Ohio residents add 7.25% sales tax.

As of May 2011, all firearm prices reflect a 3.5% cash discount price.(Payment by money order or cashier's check.)
Add 3.5% for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

To inquire about purchasing any gun, please email Bill.

Long Guns currently in-stock.

Availability subject to change.
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1 ---- 534190124 ---- WIN 1892 LG LOOP CARBINE 44 RM 20" BLUED WALNUT
2 ---- 534190140 ---- WIN 1892 LG LOOP CARBINE 44-40 20" BLUED WALNUT
2 ---- 534190137 ---- WIN 1892 LG LOOP CARBINE .357 MAG 20" BLUED WALNUT

Email for details.

On Back Order...
  • 09/2013 Pair of COLT Single Action Army .45LC 5.5" Nickel, Black Grips
  • 01/2014 WIN 73 Sporting Rifle 24" .44-40 GR3 OCTAGON STS
  • 09/2014 WIN 73 Sporting Rifle 24" .357MAG/38SPCL GR3 OCTAGON STS
  • 09/2014 WIN 1892 Short Rifle .357MAG 20" Blued Walnut
  • 09/2014 WIN 1892 Large Loop Carbine .357 MAG 20" Blued Walnut
  • 09/2014 WIN 1892 Large Loop Carbine 44-40 20" Blued Walnut
  • 09/2014 WIN 1873 Short Rifle .44-40WIN 20" Case Hardened
  • 09/2014 WIN 73 Short Rifle .44-40 WIN Blued Walnut
  • 09/2014 WIN 73 Sporting Rifle 24" .44-40 GR3 OCTAGON STS
New in the Box....

Henry Original .44-40

Henry part # H011

Beautiful Wood on this one, see pic 2, and mirror finish, see pic 6.

Shipping will be $50.00 due to large package size and high insurance value.

MSRP $2,300

Your Price $1,749.99

Pictures are of actual gun you will get.

New in the Box....

Winchester 92 Carbine .44 mag

Winchester part number 534162124. Discontinued 2010.


It is considered by many as the smoothest, most compact, handiest and most beautiful lever action ever offered by Winchester. The Model 1892 (or "The 92" as most of us call it) was Winchester's follow-up to the amazing Model 1886. The 86 was designed for large hunting/military calibers of the 1800s, like 45-70. Soon after it's development, the call went out for a new (but more compact) lever rifle suitable for pistol calibers. Soon John Moses Browning produced the Model 1892 prototype for Winchester -- and the rest is history.

This Model 92 Short Rifle is in a classic round barrel configuration in two excellent calibers -- the 357 is suitable for hunting and Cowboy Action duties, while the 44 Rem. Mag. makes its mark as a great caliber for hunting in brushy conditions with fast moving game.

Attention to detail is something you will notice, like the one-piece steel crescent buttplate just like the originals, and a Marbles gold bead front sight that adds a dose of traditional class. This rifle features a convenient rear tang safety -- but don't despair, companies (like Marble's) offers one made to fit should you desire to add a tang sight later.

  • Receiver: Steel; Gloss blued
  • Barrel: Round 20"; Gloss blued
  • TRIPLE-CHECKED BUTTON RIFLED BARREL for the ultimate in accuracy and precision
  • Action: Lever; Tubular magazine
  • REBOUNDING HAMMER provides added margin of safety
  • Stock: Oil finish; Grade I walnut; Straight grip; Crescent buttplate; Short forearm
  • Features: Marble'sŪ gold bead front sight, Buckhorn style rear sight; Tang safety
End Quote

This was a discontinued model and last shown in Winchester's catalog in 2010. Winchester is reintroducing this model for 2014, but I have yet to recieve any of my backordered ones from January. Winchester states, "these special rifles are produced in limited quantities as usual."

This one is from my personal collection. I cherry picked it from my inventory, to expand my personal collection of model 92's, but I never got around to switching over to .44 caliber. It is un-fired, except at the factory. I never even took it to the range, or removed the Winchester sticker on the mag tube. Because it is an exceptionally nice variant, I'm not coming down on the price, I'd rather keep it, than price it any lower.

Shipping will be $40.00 due to large package size and high insurance value.

Your Price $1,160.00

Pictures are of actual gun you will get.

If you don't see what you want, browse our gun manufacturer links, then send us an email with some model names and numbers and we will do all we can to assist you.

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