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Mountaineer Custom Cartridge

This company has been in business for over 25 years. They service over 70 police departments!! As a gun dealer, I have my choice of any ammo I want at wholesale prices, but when I can, I choose MCC ammo for my guns.

All boxes contain 50 rounds. Remanufactured ammunition uses once fired cases. New ammunition uses all new components. Hard Cast Lead bullets are 18-20 brinell hardness, match grade, and coated with a non-sticky lube. JHP bullets are Hornady XTP. Bullets for the 30 M-1 carbine are Remington. All cartridges are loaded on commercial machines or Dillon 1050's and are considered match grade ammunition.

MCC's Total Copper Jacket loads are considered a "light" lead load and are recommended for indoor shooting to minimize lead exposure.

Full Metal Jacket on Left - Total Copper Jacket on Right

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