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Item #009 - Cavalry Holster

RIGHT-hand Holster Pictured

RIGHT-hand Holster Pictured
This is the RIGHT hand holster correctly worn on the RIGHT side with the gun butt forward.
This is a reproduction of the Civil War era Cavalry holster. Features a full flap and plugged bottom. For right-handers, this holster was made to be worn on the right side with the butt of the pistol pointing forward. The gun could then either be drawn with the right-hand or if the rider already had their saber in their right-hand, they could cross-draw the revolver with their left-hand. (Note: This is a Vertical holster, so cross-drawing is awkward with these long barrel lengths. It is truly meant to be worn strong-side, gun butt forward.)

Black comes with "US" stamp.
Walnut Oil comes with "CS" stamp.


Goes great with the:
#048 Civil War Belt

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Out of stock Leather items can take 2 to 3 months for non-holsters, and 3 to 4 months for holsters, to be made and shipped.

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REVOLVER: Colt 1851/1858 Navy 7.5 " to 8 "
Colt 1860 Army - 7.5 " to 8 "
Remington 1858 - 8" --- (does not fit Target sighted models)
COLOR: Black with "US"
Walnut Oil with "CS"
HAND: Right-hand Draw - worn on Right side, butt forward.
Left-hand Draw - worn on Left side, butt forward.
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